Eigth and Ninth Weeks – V-REP Remote API Function Testing and Hopfield Networks

For the eigth and ninth weeks, I created a V-REP scene with a simple actuated inverted pendulum, as a means to test various of the V-REP <-> Matlab Remote API functions. I also noticed the simpleSynchronousTest.m file, provided by Coppelia Robotics themselves along with the other V-REP <-> Matlab Remote API contents, that I hadn’t noticed before, which was a valuable step forward since, with its contents, not only was I now able to synchronize V-REP and Matlab, by being able to put the V-REP simulation on hold until Matlab sends a signal to calculate the next step/instant, but also being able to start the simulation through Matlab, using a certain communication port.

With this, I am now able to, in real time, plot the Time-Position and Time-Torque graphs for the joint, as seen in the image below.

Time-Position and Time-Torque plots

A video of the created scene, oscilating by changing the target joint position through Matlab, can be seen here.

A git with the already created scenes and Matlab scripts can be found here.

During the ninth week, I also advanced on my neural network work by learning about and using Hopfield Networks. This type of artificial neural network is a recurrent neural network, and can be used for reconstructing stored patterns.

A reconstruction, based on a script developed on Matlab, can be seen below.

These networks, however, can, during the reconstruction process, reconstruct patterns that aren’t any of the stored ones, due to converging to a local minimum that is not the expected one.

Eigth and Ninth Weeks – V-REP Remote API Function Testing and Hopfield Networks

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